Light Infantry

I wanted to cover light infantry and their like briefly as I’ve already covered ‘true’ Skirmishers such as the rifles, Jaegers and Grenzers. Light Infantry are slightly different, in that they could deploy companies in skirmish formation but their name light infantry was essentially in name only by the time the Napoleonic Wars started. NapoleonicContinue reading “Light Infantry”

Proposed Changes

MEASUREMENT CHANGES To make things more universally acceptable I’m considering changing the units of measurement from centimetres to inches. This will allow those across the Pond to more easily use the rules. MOVEMENT First up movement, let’s recap out movement distances for units: These paces are per minute and in the number of paces perContinue reading “Proposed Changes”

Skirmishers Part II

As an adjustment to the skirmisher rules we already have in place I wanted to firm up their role and what the can do in battle. THEIR ROLE A lot of units had trained soldiers to skirmishz but not all could fight effectively in this fashion. Then British and the French in particular trained specialistContinue reading “Skirmishers Part II”

Reddit Community Open and New Videos

Rather than bombarding the r/wargaming and r/tabletopgamedesign communities on Reddit with constant updates, I’ll post links to all the new articles and videos on this community as well as my twitter feed. Please do sign up and also follow me on twitter so that you know when I post new content. The Reddit community isContinue reading “Reddit Community Open and New Videos”

Quick Reference Sheet Now Available

I’re recently changed the page “Clausewitz War Game” to now include the downloadable file for the current set of rules. I will try and update these weekly as I go forward, so that they are the most recent version. However, if there is a delay please bear with me.


Having considered melee in detail now for a number of days, I know that I want it to be accurate but also fairly quick using our current mechanics without introducing any new attributes. Melee will occur once units belonging to opposing forces meet in base to base contact. To resolve a combat each base rollsContinue reading “Melee”

Broken Units

We’ve covered broken units previously but this far have assumed they will act normally the following turn. This obviously didn’t always happen, so I’m going to introduce the following rules. Units that have broken (a unit that has failed it’s morale test by more than two points) will continue to flee each turn until itContinue reading “Broken Units”

Revision to Artillery

Following some testing over the weekend, I’ve decided that Artillery will be deployed on their own outside of any Brigades. This has mainly been due that Artillery will often be remaining in one static position if deployed defensively, if deployed on offence where any artillery are attached to a Brigade, the artillery would often advanceContinue reading “Revision to Artillery”

The Battle of Talavera – Allied Forces Replication

As a test for how many Brigades an army could place on the battlefield, I conducted a test where I’ve replicated the Order of Battle for the forces at the Battle of Talavera. This is for the British and Spanish forces only.

Battlefield Objectives

What’s the point of fighting in a particular place? If you look back over history, virtually all battlefields had objectives of some kind for both armies which they fought over. At Waterloo both armies fought over control of Le Haye Sainte, Hougoumont and the hamlet of Papelotte. These could have been considered primary objectives onContinue reading “Battlefield Objectives”