Work on the Rule Book

I’ve started work on a very early draft of the rule book which I can update as I add, remove or adjust rules.

Scouting Phase

Yes, I’ve renamed the deployment phase as the scouting phase. I’ve posted one last test of it on YouTube and I’m more than happy to say that the first part of deployment using markers is finished now.

Recruit, Trained & Elite Troops

Now that many of the core principles and mechanics are down for the game and the first play tests start getting carried out (thanks to those of you who have agreed!), I can start focusing on some more detailed information. In particular how we can differentiate between our different troop types. There are a numberContinue reading “Recruit, Trained & Elite Troops”


One important element we haven’t covered is fatigue. I’ve initially been tying this to morale in my mind as after an attack has been carried out a unit may have suffered 3 or 4 morale damage and would be pretty useless on following up with another attack on a second position or a renewed attackContinue reading “Fatigue”

Revisions to Coup d’Oeil and Game Principles

COUP D’OEIL / AWARENESS POINTS After being inundated with comments regarding my Coup d’Oeil post it has become obvious that the system may be flawed in its current format. Therefore I’m going to make a few changes to CdO. Firstly, I’ll be changing the name from Coup D’Oeil to a more friendly sounding ‘Awareness Points’.Continue reading “Revisions to Coup d’Oeil and Game Principles”

Adjustment to Musketry

Following a comment that shooting had been based on stats provided outisde of battlefield conditions: Musket 160 Yards Accuracy 320 Yards Accuracy Prussian 1782 Musket 64 32% 42 21% Prussian 1809 Musket 113 57% 42 21% British Musket 116 58% 55 28% French 1777 Musket 99 50% 55 28% Napoleonic Musket Accuracy I’ve agreed thatContinue reading “Adjustment to Musketry”

Test Units (WIP)

I’ve started painting up some test bases. These are test British Regiments, the front two regiments are the 5th (front left) and 48th (front right) regiments of foot and mouth. I’ve initially based them on 40mm X 30mm bases. There are also dice holders on the units, initially I’ve placed two on each base. OneContinue reading “Test Units (WIP)”

Coup D’Oeil

Each general will require Coup d’Oeil (CdO) during the game. The number a general needs will depend upon their rank and the number of men they command. Generals will be able to generate CdO each turn, with higher ranked generals able to generate more than lower ranks. Someone like Napoleon or Wellington for example wouldContinue reading “Coup D’Oeil”

Proposed Changes

MEASUREMENT CHANGES To make things more universally acceptable I’m considering changing the units of measurement from centimetres to inches. This will allow those across the Pond to more easily use the rules. MOVEMENT First up movement, let’s recap out movement distances for units: These paces are per minute and in the number of paces perContinue reading “Proposed Changes”

Reddit Community Open and New Videos

Rather than bombarding the r/wargaming and r/tabletopgamedesign communities on Reddit with constant updates, I’ll post links to all the new articles and videos on this community as well as my twitter feed. Please do sign up and also follow me on twitter so that you know when I post new content. The Reddit community isContinue reading “Reddit Community Open and New Videos”