Special Rules

Special Rules for Clausewitz

Revision to Artillery

Artillery had previous been using a firing dice for each weapon on the base and these were imply using a 6+ to hit at long range and a 5+ to hit at short range. However after the blood bath of the first test game I’m having to revise this to make artillery less powerful. ThereforeContinue reading “Revision to Artillery”

Full Game Test 1 – Feedback and Game Adjustments

I performed the first full game test last night between two evenly sided forces. Both armies had the following strengths; 6,400 Infantry split across three Brigades 200 Cavalry (1 Squadron each) 6 Guns (6 Pounder foot artillery on 1 base) 1 Commander in Chief This game provided tonnes of feedback for the first version ofContinue reading “Full Game Test 1 – Feedback and Game Adjustments”


The focus of this article will be terrain that will also provide added benefits/problems to those units who are inside or passing through them. I will break this down into the different terrain types starting with rough. ROUGH Gentle Hill A gentle hill will inhibit the movement of troops up or down it as shownContinue reading “Terrain”

Movement Part II

This is a very quick post to explain how I would expect various aspects of unit movement and facings to work inside the game as well as a units Zone of Control (ZC) in more detail.

Capturing Enemy Colours

Regimental colours are the focus of pride in any regiment, they often carry the regiment’s battle honours, and in the days when the flag was carried into battle it acted as a rallying point and a statement of where the command post was, something which could be seen above the mess of battle. Losing aContinue reading “Capturing Enemy Colours”

Faction Focus: Spanish

Now I’ve laid the foundations for the core mechanics (which will need further revision in the future) I can start laying down foundations for the different factions involved in the Napoleonic Wars and start looking at how to give them some personality on the table top. The reason I’m starting with the Spanish is dueContinue reading “Faction Focus: Spanish”

Work on the Rule Book

I’ve started work on a very early draft of the rule book which I can update as I add, remove or adjust rules.

Scouting Phase

Yes, I’ve renamed the deployment phase as the scouting phase. I’ve posted one last test of it on YouTube and I’m more than happy to say that the first part of deployment using markers is finished now.

Recruit, Trained & Elite Troops

Now that many of the core principles and mechanics are down for the game and the first play tests start getting carried out (thanks to those of you who have agreed!), I can start focusing on some more detailed information. In particular how we can differentiate between our different troop types. There are a numberContinue reading “Recruit, Trained & Elite Troops”