Faction Focus: Portugal

HISTORY 1801 – War of the Oranges In 1800, First Consul Bonaparte and his ally, the Spanish prime-minister and Generalissimo Manuel de Godoy, ultimately demanded Portugal, the last British ally on the continent, to break her alliance with Britain. Portugal refused to cede, and, in April 1801, French troops arrived in the country. They wereContinue reading “Faction Focus: Portugal”

Revision to Artillery

Artillery had previous been using a firing dice for each weapon on the base and these were imply using a 6+ to hit at long range and a 5+ to hit at short range. However after the blood bath of the first test game I’m having to revise this to make artillery less powerful. ThereforeContinue reading “Revision to Artillery”

Full Game Test 1 – Feedback and Game Adjustments

I performed the first full game test last night between two evenly sided forces. Both armies had the following strengths; 6,400 Infantry split across three Brigades 200 Cavalry (1 Squadron each) 6 Guns (6 Pounder foot artillery on 1 base) 1 Commander in Chief This game provided tonnes of feedback for the first version ofContinue reading “Full Game Test 1 – Feedback and Game Adjustments”

Test Units (WIP)

I’ve started painting up some test bases. These are test British Regiments, the front two regiments are the 5th (front left) and 48th (front right) regiments of foot and mouth. I’ve initially based them on 40mm X 30mm bases. There are also dice holders on the units, initially I’ve placed two on each base. OneContinue reading “Test Units (WIP)”

Coup D’Oeil

Each general will require Coup d’Oeil (CdO) during the game. The number a general needs will depend upon their rank and the number of men they command. Generals will be able to generate CdO each turn, with higher ranked generals able to generate more than lower ranks. Someone like Napoleon or Wellington for example wouldContinue reading “Coup D’Oeil”

Writing a Wargame – An Introduction

For many years I’ve always had a part of me thats wanted to dabble in historical wargaming. Last month I purchased some brilliant Baccus 6mm Napoleonic Miniatures, and I’ve really enjoyed painting these up. One issue I have found though, is that there are many rulesets out there for Napoleonics, but none of them haveContinue reading “Writing a Wargame – An Introduction”