We’ve covered Infantry and Cavalry (which does need some slight amendments to Light Cavalry) so now we’re onto the third arm. There were many different types of Artillery available to Napoleonic Generals. 24pdr Cannon 12pdr Cannon 9pdr Cannon 8pdr Cannon 6pdr Cannon 4pdr Cannon 3pdr Cannon 5.5-inch Howitzer 6-inch Howitzer 8-inch Howitzer 6pdr Howitzer 7pdrContinue reading “Artillery”


I’m going to take the weekend off from rule writing and have a rest this weekend (I may even paint some models!), but there will be a big announcement early next week! In the meantime the keen eyes among you may have recently noticed the name Clausewitz popping up here and there. I couldn’t keepContinue reading “Clausewitz”