Battlefield Objectives

What’s the point of fighting in a particular place? If you look back over history, virtually all battlefields had objectives of some kind for both armies which they fought over. At Waterloo both armies fought over control of Le Haye Sainte, Hougoumont and the hamlet of Papelotte. These could have been considered primary objectives onContinue reading “Battlefield Objectives”

Battalion & Brigade Formations

I ironically started writing my own set of rules because I couldn’t find a ruleset that would suit what I wanted to do. Namely representing battalions on a relatively realistic scale on the tabletop with movement and effects realistically modelled but in a quicker format than other such rules were doing them previously. I alsoContinue reading “Battalion & Brigade Formations”

Game Test 2 – Musketry Fire and Reactions

I carried out some further game tests over the weekend, with varying size brigades between 2-5 battalions of 1,000 men. CONDITIONS All battalions started with 1,000 men. Formations were kept to line formation throughout. Actions were limited to; Move 2cm, Recover 1 morale, Fire and Withdraw 2cm Reactions were limited to; Withdraw 2cm, Fire, RecoverContinue reading “Game Test 2 – Musketry Fire and Reactions”