Revised Russian Units for v0.3.1

Following the updated rulebook I’ve re-written the Russian unit stats to go alongside these. INFANTRY UNITS You’ll see that I’ve divided the main infantry (line and light) into three rungs of Recruit, Trained and Veteran. This is to reflect the training and experience of units in campaign situations. If playing matched play games I wouldContinue reading “Revised Russian Units for v0.3.1”

Clausewitz Available on Steam Workshop for Tabletop Simulator

Okay, this is a pretty big deal for me. I’ve spent the last week and a half putting the finishing touches to the Clausewitz Mod for Tabletop Simulator! This is available to download now from the Steam Workshop. The mod includes all of the British and French units, and future updates will include other armiesContinue reading “Clausewitz Available on Steam Workshop for Tabletop Simulator”

How Brigades Work

As part of the recent revision to the rules I’ve gone back and rejigged the unit and Brigade profiles. HOW IT WORKS When organising their order of battle each general will either purchase a number of Brigades or (in the case of historic battles) take the number as given on the historic order of battle.Continue reading “How Brigades Work”

Clausewitz Full Alpha Ruleset

The following is a full list of the Alpha rules. Please take your time to read through them or download the Word Document attached. I’m looking for feedback on everything from spelling, wording and location of paragraphs to feedback on rules etc. No opinion is a bad opinion and please be as thorough as youContinue reading “Clausewitz Full Alpha Ruleset”

Austrian Cavalry Units

summary of the Austrian cavalry unit skills and rules for Clausewitz


I’d like to take time to dedicate an article to each type of troop type that took part in the Napoleonic Wars. As such I’d thought I’d start this little series with the Cuirassiers. WHAT IS A CUIRASSIER? Cuirassiers were cavalry equipped with cuirass armour, sword, and firearms, first appearing in late 15th-century Europe. TheContinue reading “Cuirassiers”

Cavalry – Impetuousness

We’ve covered the basic movement and combat of cavalry but we’ve I’ve not yet gone over a very important aspect of Napoleonic Cavalry which was their impetuousness.

Writing a Wargame – Cavalry

As always for the latest rules and updates please visit the Napoleonic War Game page. TYPES OF CAVALRY Napoleonic Cavalry had various different roles and names, but could generally be broken down into three distinct groups. These groups were split depending on the size and weight of the horse the cavalry rode. Due to speedContinue reading “Writing a Wargame – Cavalry”