Rulebook Adjustments

So following on from some further testing carried out by members of the Discord server this week, they made some excellent points in regards to some of the rules I’m going to mention below. FIRINGIt’s become more clear with testing that its not entirely clear which units can fire when performing a firing action. ThereforeContinue reading “Rulebook Adjustments”

Clausewitz Rules v0.2

Following on from comments on Discord I’ve changed around some of the paragraphs so that it reads easier. I’ve also added in the sections I’ve written this week. If you have any further suggestions to rule wording, grammar corrections or anything in reference to the rules or their format please let me know by contactingContinue reading “Clausewitz Rules v0.2”

Rulebook Changes

As I go forwards now with the rules that have been published I will post addendums etc as articles and then produce an updated ruleset at the end of each month with the tweaks from the articles included. One section that I have found is missing is what to do with hits received against units.Continue reading “Rulebook Changes”

Clausewitz Full Alpha Ruleset

The following is a full list of the Alpha rules. Please take your time to read through them or download the Word Document attached. I’m looking for feedback on everything from spelling, wording and location of paragraphs to feedback on rules etc. No opinion is a bad opinion and please be as thorough as youContinue reading “Clausewitz Full Alpha Ruleset”

Revision to Artillery

Artillery had previous been using a firing dice for each weapon on the base and these were imply using a 6+ to hit at long range and a 5+ to hit at short range. However after the blood bath of the first test game I’m having to revise this to make artillery less powerful. ThereforeContinue reading “Revision to Artillery”