Cavalry Fleeing

Following on from yesterdays post regarding Infantry movement rate when fleeing, it seemed only sensible to continue the thought process with Cavalry. A QUICK REVISIT TO INFANTRY FLEEING Before I do however, I wanted to a very good point that was made on Reddit by u/Db102 who reminded me that the infantry would be carryingContinue reading “Cavalry Fleeing”

Infantry Fleeing

So far I’ve used the quick march rate as a fleeing distance for infantry, but I want something a little more scientific rather than just plucking a figure out of the air. Therefore I have been researching across various websites to try and find an average running speed for humans. So where better to goContinue reading “Infantry Fleeing”

Movement Part II

This is a very quick post to explain how I would expect various aspects of unit movement and facings to work inside the game as well as a units Zone of Control (ZC) in more detail.

Writing a Wargame – Unit Movement

FACTORS ALREADY DECIDED – From previous posts Factor Value Post Scale 1:5300 Writing a Wargame – Part II Base Representation Battalion Writing a Wargame – Part I Base Width 40mm Writing a Wargame – Part II Real Time Equivalent for Single Turn 10 Minutes Writing a Wargame – Part III Actions Per Unit 5 WritingContinue reading “Writing a Wargame – Unit Movement”