Artwork for the Rulebook

This is a quick post to firstly apologise, as I haven’t been to active recently (in the foreground anyway) due to a number of issues which I won’t bore you with. The rules writing is continuing in the back ground and I am currently putting together the Russian Infantry article, which should be up laterContinue reading “Artwork for the Rulebook”

Austrian Cavalry Units

summary of the Austrian cavalry unit skills and rules for Clausewitz


First of all, before I begin I’d like to apologise. As you may have noticed I’ve been a littl might on posts recently. There are a number of reasons for this, having a daughter under the age of two who acts like a gremlin after midnight, and studying for exams. So I hope you’ll forgiveContinue reading “Discord”

Work on the Rule Book

I’ve started work on a very early draft of the rule book which I can update as I add, remove or adjust rules.