Rulebook Changes

As I go forwards now with the rules that have been published I will post addendums etc as articles and then produce an updated ruleset at the end of each month with the tweaks from the articles included.

One section that I have found is missing is what to do with hits received against units. Therefore the below section will be added to the rules after the Firing Section of the Rulebook.


Once it has been determined how many hits a Brigade has received the owning player must then reduce the morale of the Brigade by that value. I.e., a Brigade receives two unsaved hits, therefore their morale will decrease by two. The owning player must also roll two dice, on each roll of 5+ the number of combat dice for that Brigade is reduced by 1. The owning player can decide which of his or her units have been affected, and reduce their combat dice tracker accordingly.


Following on from firing, I would also like to make a change to the Skirmishing mechanics. Currently 1 die is used for units that can skirmish, and the unit may also take 5 combat dice.

I would like to change this so that if a unit chooses to fire with skirmish dice and are also firing their combat dice, the unit must reduce the number of combat dice they’re firing by the amount of skirmish dice being used. For example, unit A can use up to 1 skirmish dice per turn, if doing so they must relinquish one of their five combat dice to do so. One dice can then be fired as if skirmishing, firing at its maximum range, while the four combat dice (being reduced by one to accommodate the skirmish dice) can fire as normal.

This will also change the actions around firing, and instead of having separate actions for firing skirmish and combat dice, the action will allow a unit to fire all its small arms taking into account the above.

Therefore the Fire Skirmish Weapons action will be removed, and the wording on the Fire! action will change to:


Fire! (Cost: 1 Action Point) offensive/defensive
The Brigade can fire all its available combat dice and skirmish assigned to the front rank of units in the Brigade. If firing skirmish dice, these can be fired at full range as if they were at effective range. For every skirmish dice being fired the combat dice is reduced by one.


The section below is an addition to the rulebook section dedicated to unit formations.


To show a unit formation, the easiest solution is to use a small dice on the rear of the base.

A column formation can be represented by the number 6, square by 4 and line formation can be represented by 3.


If you have any further suggestions to rule wording, grammar corrections or anything in reference to the rules or their format please let me know by contacting me at or joining our Discord or WhatsApp chats and letting me know directly.





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