A note on Scale

Now that a lot of the rules have been written and I’m working through the faction rules, I thought I would just touch base (see what I did there?) with scales and miniature basing.

As written I initially had the ruleset in mind for 6mm, but there should be no barrier to using a rule set at any miniature scale.

For example our current base size for 6mm is 40mm wide bases (or less if you prefer! – I know some testers have been using 30mm). This base width currently translates nicely into movement (2cm moves for infantry) and musket ranges (4cm long range). SO there should be nothing stopping us from scaling this to other size miniatures. Of course you could still use 40mm base widths for a lot of other miniature wargaming scales – 10mm and less primarily.

All the scales can be used on a 6 foot long table, the only adjustment would be the size of the engagement. For example, 10mm miniatures and below based on 40mm wide bases would be suitable to represent Battalions as part of a Corp+ size game. But perhaps 28mm miniatures on 150mm wide bases could represent companies in a Brigade sized game.

As an idea of scale I’ve suggested base sizes below as a guide, remembering that the base size can be used to determine the majority of move and firing distances (e.g. a march is half a base width, a long range musket shot is one base width and an effective ranged shot is half base width etc).

Alternatively, 28mm on 180mm wide bases would also work well as battalions, with each mini representing 50men. Once a hit is inflicted a mini can be removed to represent the loss in strength. This would only be reasonable for smaller games of between 5-10 battalions each.

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