The Rulebook

Firstly apologies that I’ve not been as active recently with the website, but I promise you that work has continued unabated in the back ground.

As such, I wanted to share with you what the Rulebook looks like so far for Clausewitz. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to produce this in full colour on its completion, though to do so I will need to start raising funds soon!

The artwork included is original artwork commissioned for this project and drawn by Tom Pennifold with my heartfelt gratitude. Tom’s unique style enables the rulebook to stand out from a crowd and allows me to break up large boxes of text with his fantastic pieces. I’ve not labelled who all the characters are yet, I’ll let you all take guesses.

The play test team will also have copies and as a thank you anyone who commits to playtesting and provides me with feedback will receive a free PDF copy (if not a full printed colour copy) of the Rulebook when the time comes as well as a special mention in the credits.

Again, apologies for the wait, but great things are coming!

Download the WIP rulebook here:





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