Points Part I

So I’ve been thinking of the formula to concoct (this is the most suitable word) the points value of units in Clausewitz. Coming up with points for units is not as simple as it sounds, you can decide points on certain aspects by some basic maths, but for others you have to make an educatedContinue reading “Points Part I”

Russian Artillery Units

Up to the Austerlitz campaign the Russian artillery was often found to be woefully under prepared, with the Russians only able to carry half of the ammunition the Austrians could in their caissons. The horse were also underfed and badly tended. This was to change however with Sir Wilson (who was attached to the RussianContinue reading “Russian Artillery Units”

The Rulebook

Firstly apologies that I’ve not been as active recently with the website, but I promise you that work has continued unabated in the back ground. As such, I wanted to share with you what the Rulebook looks like so far for Clausewitz. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to produce this in full colour onContinue reading “The Rulebook”