First of all, before I begin I’d like to apologise. As you may have noticed I’ve been a littl might on posts recently. There are a number of reasons for this, having a daughter under the age of two who acts like a gremlin after midnight, and studying for exams. So I hope you’ll forgive me!

I have enlisted some help however, Lehann Smith is my primary play tester who has been kind enough to test the rules I concoct over and over again. His support has been fantastic over the last couple of months and his thoughts and input have kept the rules sensible. As such I’ve added him to the site as an author so that he can share his gaming experiences with you.

Lehann has been particularly busy this weekend setting up a Discord Community for Clausewitz. A place where we can discuss the rules one on one and in groups and play test games together on a remote basis using programmes such as tabletop simulator. They’ll also be a section where you can make suggestions for rules or find a list of suppliers for different scales of Napoleonic Wargaming.

If I’ve done this correctly then you should see a link below to join our small little group on Discord.


I’m hoping that once the first draft of the rules are published the community will grow exponentially.

So what the plans?

Well coming up in the near future you should see articles start to appear on the website in regards to the factions, their units and the abilities they can use. You’ll hopefully also see the first draft of the points system being published once these factions have been finalised.

The first draft of the rule book is still in development. I know I said end of September but it’s much harder to write than I first thought!

In the long term there are also ideas for an accompanying app for the game so that you can more easily track the status of the units in game and build army lists.

Plus lots more (I’ve a list as long as my arm of things that need to be written!).

So again, I’d like to thank Lehann for his hard work and I’m looking forward to working with (and gaming against) him in the future!

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