Command and Control

I’ve written a few articles on command and control now and none of the rules I’ve written so far feel like they’ve hit the sweet point of historical accuracy and speed of play.

In this article I would like to run through a few options I’ve been considering and hopefully get feedback from yourselves about your favoured option (or an option I haven’t even considered!).


As it sounds, each general generating AP per turn and spending these to activate brigades as needed. There would be some further adjustments along the way, such as rolling to see if units understand the orders (with a random objective selected if they don’t).


Each commander in chief rolls a D6 (or possibly 2D6) at the beginning of the turn. This roll determines how many awareness points the commander may use. There may also be modifiers to this roll such as +1 for the general being on higher ground, or for holding more objectives than the enemy.

A CinC will then task a division with capturing an objective, they will allocate a certain number of Awareness Points for that purpose. Once the Divisional General receives those orders he then rolls to check that the orders are understood before ordering his Brigades to attack. The divisional will have to be withing a certain distance of the units he commands to be able to order them, however some units such as Hussars, Rifles and Guerillas may be able to act independently of Divisional Command bubbles.

Divisional General Zone of Control Example

A CinC may allocate further resources to objectives further down the line but each Division can only be tasked with capturing and holding one objective.

The number of allocated awareness points to a division will determine how soon they could move in the turn. For example a unit that has had four awareness points allocated to it, will move before a unit that has been allocated three awareness points. If more than one division has four awareness points then players roll off to determine which units act first.

Additional Option to Above Rule

A general would only be able to send one order per turn, and once orders are received by a division their allocated Awareness points decrease by one per turn. One they are reduced to zero that Division can no longer act without further orders and that division would have to withdraw to their own table edge and reform.


This is an option used by many systems in that the players roll dice which determine the number of activations they get to make that turn.

This has always felt too simplistic to me for what should be possibly one of the key elements of the game.


From Valmy to Waterloo has been touted as having one of the best command and control systems for Napoleonic Wargaming, therefore the option would be to adapt this for Clausewitz.

The system would work by giving units and commanders ratings from 1 to 5 (with 1 being the best), a rating of 1 would mean that a unit would be able to issue an order (in the case of generals) or change their orders (in the case of units) every turn, a rating of 2 would move this to a change of order or issue of orders every two turns, and so on.

Divisional Commanders who have a better rating would be able to attack or defend multiple objectives at once, while poor Divisional Commanders would only be able to focus on the one objective. Some Divisional Commanders may be able to have their brigades perform certain actions that other divisions cannot (such as detaching/attaching bases etc).


Please let me know should you have an idea about a command and control system you fell may work for the period. At present I’m leaning towards the v2 of Awareness Points. But I’d love to know what everyone else thinks.


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