Actions & Reactions

During my own testing and following the feedback of the play testers it has become apparent that reactions are incredibly strong and allow for an opportunity for players to cover over mistakes they may have made in their movement or deployment. Therefore I’m reinstating the five actions/reactions rule, i.e. a unit can make a maximum of five actions and reactions combined.

For example, the red player has a unit of line infantry 15cm away from the Blue players infantry. The Red Player chooses to use 3 actions to move 6cm towards the enemy, once complete he decides to leave his remaining 2 actions for reactions should the Blue player decide to make any counter moves.

This will mean players have to think about the oppositions potential reactions to their movement. For example if I use all five actions to move towards the enemy, I will have no actions left to shoot at any units should they threaten me.

It should add an additional layer of ‘Resource Management’ to the game itself and avoid any players covering their mistakes by using all 5 reactions to do what they will (change formation, shoot, withdraw etc).

The Rule Book Snippet


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