Game Revisions

Following the second game test (which I will post a link to later today or tomorrow), I’m making some slight adjustments so that the game flows slightly better.


The first revision is to change the hitting at short range for all weapons from 5+ to 4+, this should allow firefights at short range to potentially cause on average one damage every six dice.


I’m also going to add charge and counter charges as an action and reaction respectively.

This is to take into account that many units would often charge at an approaching enemy to break them up and remove the threat.

I’m going to set charge distances as the ‘Quick’ pace for infantry (3 cm) and cavalry (8 cm) and these can only be performed once the enemy unit is within range to do so.


I’ve not yet set conditions for mounted troops and fleeing so I’m going to implement the following rules:

  • A failed morale test of 1-2 will result in the the cavalry unit withdrawing 4 cm while facing the enemy. They will also suffer 1 damage if within 4 cm of an enemy unit armed with muskets or D3 if within 2cm.
  • A failure of 3+ will result in the cavalry unit being ‘Broken’ and fleeing 8 cm. They will also suffer 1 damage if within 4 cm of an enemy unit armed with muskets or D3 if within 2cm.


A unit which successfully makes a flank or rear attack will have an additional -1 or -2 to all its combat roll results respectively. This will mean that a unit fighting foot will need 3+ (Flank) or 2+ (Rear). An infantry fighting cavalry will need 5+ (Flank) or 4+ (Rear).


Instead of making a ponderous wheel at the cost of many actions, the unit may, if not marching before or after, choose to use the ‘About Face’ action for 1 Action Point to face any direction. To do so the unit pivots on its front centre point.


Going forward no commander will start with any Awareness Points.


Broken units will be unable to rally if within 10 cm of the enemy. If an enemy approaches to with 10cm of the unit, that unit cannot make no reaction and will once more move it’s quick pace distance directly away from the enemy.


If a unit is completely surrounded by enemy units and is broken so that it can not make a flee move. That unit is removed from the table and considered to have surrendered to the enemy.

As a result I have updated the quick reference sheet on the Clausewitz Wargame page.

That’s it for now but as always I love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!


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