Special Rules

Now that many of the mechanics are in place my next step is to start creating some special rules which individual units can use to differentiate themselves from other units.

This will allow us to give certain units an element of individuality, such as the old guard, guerillas or the Rifles for example.

We’re also possibly going to need rules for each faction involved to represent that countries personality. These rules can’t be too powerful but have to give enough to give some uniqueness.

Let’s start by creating some rules which can be attached to units once we start looking at factions.

I have a number of rules in my head which may be applied to individual units or to factions. I’m going to list them below and then break down what each one does.

  • Sharpshooters – re-roll one ‘Fire!’ dice
  • Volley Fire – one additional ‘Steady’ dice
  • Brave – re-roll one morale dice
  • El Bruch – Can move across impassable terrain as if it were difficult.
  • Merciless – may re-roll one combat dice when in combat.
  • Stoic – Automatically passes the first morale test of the game they’re required to take.
  • Steady – may re-roll one ‘Steady’ dice.

I’m open to other suggestions I’ve not yet thought of that you may feel may suit a particular unit once we come around to building the army lists.


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