Full Game Test 1 – Feedback and Game Adjustments

I performed the first full game test last night between two evenly sided forces. Both armies had the following strengths;

  • 6,400 Infantry split across three Brigades
  • 200 Cavalry (1 Squadron each)
  • 6 Guns (6 Pounder foot artillery on 1 base)
  • 1 Commander in Chief

This game provided tonnes of feedback for the first version of the rules and shows where the improvement is needed.

The scouting phase and deployment phase went off without a hitch, with both forces having access to their own objectives from the start.

Red forces started on the attack first, sending a single brigade to take the blue objective, however this was repelled by strong Artillery fire once it got close.

Red Attack

Blue responded by also sending a single brigade to try and take reds objective, this was also repelled by artillery fire which score 6 hits in one turn (roughly 1,200 casualties on the current settings). The brigade broken and ran with red cavalry pursuing but never catching (due to the fleeing distance being more than the cavalry trot pace) to the board edge.

Blue Attack repulsed

Blue attempted to push the northern brigades away from its objective by sending it’s cavalry around to threaten the two red brigades. After some strong Artillery fire once more both red brigades broke and fled with cavalry pursuing.

Red Forces in Dissaray

After 10 turns, I felt that I had enough information at that point.


No objectives had changed hands so the game was a tactical tie.

Blue had inflicted 16 damage and red 11 meaning losses were roughly 3,200 and 2,200 respectively. Far too high! All of these casualties were caused by Artillery.


  • Artillery is far too strong, it needs to be weakened. I’m going to change the artillery fire to either 5 actions for a round of shooting or 1 firing dice per battery per action. This should minimise casualties on a unit to 200 (current strength settings) per turn.
  • Infantry flee far too quickly. I’m going to change the rate of their fleeing to 5 cm instead of 10 cm.
  • Strength still feels wrong, I’m debating whether to change this back to 1:100 (strength to men ratio) with casualties at a ratio of 1:50 (per damage). This may fix this issue but will mean strength may have to be represented by two dice per base instead of one. Another option would be to show Firing Dice on a units base, and if a unit suffers two hits in one round their firing dice are reduced by 1.

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