The focus of this article will be terrain that will also provide added benefits/problems to those units who are inside or passing through them.

I will break this down into the different terrain types starting with rough.


Gentle Hill

  • A gentle hill will inhibit the movement of troops up or down it as shown by the usual terrain movement for rough terrain.
  • Hills of any kind allow a unit shooting from a hill to fire over the heads of any friendly units.
  • Units can fire over the heads of units at enemy units on a hill providing there is at least a distance of 2 cm from the unit they are firing over.
  • Artillery units on a hill can extend their range by 4 cm to represent the additional distance artillery would fire.


  • A unit that has its entire base within the footprint of a village/town is considered to be ‘Garrisoned’. Cavalry cannot be garrisoned.
  • Garrisoned units have a cover save to any damage received as the result of shooting attacks on a roll of 3+, this is taken once damage has been determined.
  • Garrisoned units receive a morale bonus of 2 in addition to their normal morale.
  • When a Garrisoned unit is defending in melee, the Garrisoned unit will have one additional combat die.



  • Units that has their base wholly within a wood or forest will receive a cover save of 5+ from shooting attacks.

These are the foundation rules and may be changed or tweaked in the future, but should allow players to play test with the current ruleset.


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