Recruit, Trained & Elite Troops

Now that many of the core principles and mechanics are down for the game and the first play tests start getting carried out (thanks to those of you who have agreed!), I can start focusing on some more detailed information.

In particular how we can differentiate between our different troop types. There are a number of methods we can use:

  • Increase or decrease the morale/Battle Fatigue starting value of the unit (i.e. a Brigade of Old Guard may start with a base of 10 rather than 7, while a unit of conscripts may start with a value of 5).
  • Increase or decrease the units “Steady” stat. For example, the 95th Rifles may have a “Steady” roll of 4+ rather than 5+ to show how confident they are in firing their weapons.
  • Introduce Nation rules/unit rules on top of the above, such as British troops having plus one firing dice to their amount, or Spanish Guerilla’s being able to move through impassable terrain.
  • Perhaps a particular named General may react quicker to situations on the battlefield, so every ten turns they may get an additional 10 CdO points.

You get the idea.

First point of call though is we shall differentiate between Recruited, Trained and Experienced (rather than Elite) troops.

The simplest and easiest way to differentiate here is via either the Morale/Battle Fatigue roll or the “Steady” roll. I want to avoid altering the “Steady” roll as much as possible at the moment as I’d like to reserve that for troops such as the Rifles or Old Guard etc. So initially let’s go with a modifier to their Morale/Battle Fatigue.

We’ve seen through the play testing that morale 7 + number of battalions appears to be a good starting point for units, but let’s break the morale roll down a little so we understand the statistics behind it.

Dice RollChance of rolling exact number on 2D6Chance or number or less on 2D6
2D6 Die Roll Statistics

Our current morale is set to 7 +battalions (with an average of 3-4 battalions), which gives a total morale of 10 or 11, which when referred to the sheet about means a 91.67% or 97.22% success rate respectively.

This may be a little high for both Recruit and Trained troops, I think a trained Brigade should begin at Base 6 +Battalions, giving an average of 9 or 10 with 83.33% or 91.67% respectively.

Recruit should perhaps begin a spot lower than trained at 5 +Battalions, which when taking into account the 3 or 4 average size would bring us to a success rate of 72.22% or 83.33% respectively.

This feels a little more realistic at present and I’ll pencil these into the rules for now. Also remember that to boost the morale a little further the units can form into Column to give +1 morale/battle fatigue for each unit in Column Formation.


  • Brigades where the lowest battalion status is ‘Recruit’ begin at 5 Morale/Battle Fatigue plus the number of Battalions.
  • Brigades where the lowest battalion status is ‘Trained’ begin at 6 Morale/Battle Fatigue plus the number of Battalions.
  • Brigades where the lowest battalion status is ‘Experienced’ begin at 7 Morale/Battle Fatigue plus the number of Battalions.

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