One important element we haven’t covered is fatigue. I’ve initially been tying this to morale in my mind as after an attack has been carried out a unit may have suffered 3 or 4 morale damage and would be pretty useless on following up with another attack on a second position or a renewed attack on a previous position it failed to gain. I imagine in my mind the unit resting for a few turns regathering its strength ready to make another push on a second position or getting ready to defend their current one. This can be shown by a unit choosing to use 5 actions to restore one morale.

I therefore need to think about renaming the Morale as something that combine Morale and Fatigue, this may just mean naming it fatigue.

If like me you look up “fatigue in the napoleonic wars” the first hit you’ll get is to a question posted on Quora titled “How was battle fatigue treated in the Napoleonic Wars?

The answers then go on to talk about a lot of morale issues rather than an actual tiredness issue. So perhaps a better term for these rolls would be as a “Fatigue” roll rather than “Morale” roll?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Do I need a mechanic inside the game separately for tiredness, or should i combine this with the current Morale roll and rename to Fatigue or “Battle Fatigue”?


2 thoughts on “Fatigue”

  1. I think a separation of fatigue and morale could allow for some valuable granularity of outcomes.

    There are two important situations where I think separation would be valuable, the first being a scenario or historical battle where forces arrive from off board. (Morale may perhaps be high because of élan, recent victories etc in spite of the march, but combat ability would be reduced due to fatigue).

    The second is in the opponent’s handling of broken units. Pursuing cavalry or even infantry might inflict significantly more casualties on routing troops that are significantly fatigued. In terms of classifying victories, the magnitude of the victory or defeat will then be impacted by a player actively attempting to husband a light cavalry reserve to exploit a victory for maximum effect .

    Lastly it will encourage player to keep and use a rested mobile reserve and the rotating out of exhausted brigades.

    I can see ways of achieving largely the same effects with a combined morale/fatigue, but there might be some gamesmanship to be extracted here somewhere

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