Revisions to Coup d’Oeil and Game Principles


After being inundated with comments regarding my Coup d’Oeil post it has become obvious that the system may be flawed in its current format. Therefore I’m going to make a few changes to CdO.

Firstly, I’ll be changing the name from Coup D’Oeil to a more friendly sounding ‘Awareness Points’. This should make it easier for myself to pronounce.

Secondly it’s become apparent that the amount of command points generated from on field activities is far too heavy and could cause one player to run away with the game. Therefore I’m making a number of revisions to this.


Firstly awareness points generated from objectives will be changed so that a player may only receive awareness points from holding ‘Primary’ objectives and not secondary objectives. The amount garnered from these objectives will be lessened to 1 per turn instead of the previous 2.


I’m also going to remove Awareness Points being awarded for revealing units.


We currently have 50 turns which is in my opinion too many. They are based on 10 minute periods of historical battle time covering 8 hours of battle.

What I’m proposing to do here to make the game slightly smoother and not as long, is to reduce the number of turns to 30, so instead of 8 hour historical battle lengths we have 5.

That being said, if players want to re-fight historical battles then there is nothing stopping them deciding for themselves to increase the number of turns needed to replicate the battles length.


It’s becoming apparent that the strength indicators are far too large and require too much in the way of tracking.

This is where my true problems lie.

My original aim with strength was to have a record of the damage inflicted to a Brigade during the course of a battle to show at the end the number of casualties received so that they can be compared to the historical battle (if re-enacting one).

So they’re far too large to keep track of, but any smaller and they’ll have little relevance to the number of men inside a Brigade.

However if we keep the ratio of strength to fire dice as 2:1, as we decrease the strength so the fire dice will decrease. So where previously a unit with 600 men converted to Strength 6 and 3 dice using our ratio of 100 men for every strength point, if we use a ratio of 200 men for every strength point that would convert into 3 strength and 2 firing dice.

With using 200 men for a strength point this would mean that strength can be represented by one die on every units base.

So previously where a 5,000 man brigade was 50 strength it would now be only 25 strength represented by a 5 on each base. Some example bases that I’ve created which have Pendraken 5mm dice holders on are shown below:

A Brigade of British Infantry (6mm Baccus)


Any units not yet activated by orders, but approached and attacked by the enemy are still able to make reactions in response to enemy movements.


Commanders will now generate enough Awareness Points during the course of the game to be able to activate an average to large size force for that game level.

The easiest way would be to assume that a Commander will need to spend Awareness Points equivalent to the number of Battalions in the Brigade to ‘activate’ it.

Divisional Level Game (2-5 Brigades)

If a Brigade consisted of 5 Battalions, it would need 5 AP to activate. Therefore if there are a full 5 brigades in a game at this level, the General will need to raise 25 Awareness Points during the course of the game. He will therefore generate 1 AP per turn.

He will also need to start with enough to activate one Brigade, so a Divisional Commander will begin the game with 5 AP.

GeneralStarting AP*AP Generated per Turn
Divisional (Small Game)51
Commander *Awareness Points (AP) Values

Corp Level Game (up to 25 Brigades)

As a Corp could consist of up to 5 Divisions each with 5 Brigades, this could mean anything up to 25 units on the table. As there are possibly 25 units all with 5 Battalions this means a Corp Commander will need to raise 125 AP during the course of the game, this divided by 30 is 4.167. Lets round this to 5 points per turn. They also need to start with possibly two orders to issue at the start of the game meaning a starting AP of 10.

GeneralStarting APAP Generated per Turn
Divisional (Small Game)51
Corp (Medium Game)105
Commander AP Values

Army Level Game (up to 50 Brigades)

Our final level is the Army level Game of 2 or more Corps on either side, basing this on an army of 2 Corp would mean an AP twice that of the Corp level game would be required. Therefore a general will need to raise 250 AP during the game. Again, divided by 30 this is 8.33 per turn (but let’s make this easier and round it to 10 points).

They will also need to be able to activate units at the start, and we’ll start by giving this as twice that of the Corp level, resulting in a starting AP of 20.

GeneralStarting APAP Generated per Turn
Divisional (Small Game)51
Corp (Medium Game)105
Army (Large Game)2010
Commander AP Values

Even Larger Games

For even larger games with more then 2 Corps, for each Corp beyond 2 simply add an additional 10 starting AP as well as an additional 5 AP generated per turn.


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