Reddit Community Open and New Videos

Rather than bombarding the r/wargaming and r/tabletopgamedesign communities on Reddit with constant updates, I’ll post links to all the new articles and videos on this community as well as my twitter feed.

Please do sign up and also follow me on twitter so that you know when I post new content.

The Reddit community is r/ClausewitzWargame

I’ve also carried out some further testing using Battle Chronicler and have posted these to YouTube:

Video Play Test 2 – Line Formation v Line Formation
Video Play Test 3 – Column Formation v Line Formation

Interestingly in the last video, I think that if Red had formed a line of 3 Battalions, they could have used all 13 dice and thus fair slightly better than they did! Which shows possibly that the brigade formations as well as battalion formations may yet work!


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