Proposed Changes


To make things more universally acceptable I’m considering changing the units of measurement from centimetres to inches. This will allow those across the Pond to more easily use the rules.


First up movement, let’s recap out movement distances for units:

Taken from with thanks.

These paces are per minute and in the number of paces per minute. So scaled to 1:5300 over a ten minute period we have:

NationQuick Step (Paces per Minute)10 Mins @ 1:5300 Scale Distance
British10815.53 cm
French10014.38 cm
Prussian10815.53 cm
Austrian 1805 Regs12017.25 cm
Austrian 1807 Regs10515.10 cm
Russian11015.82 cm
Quick Step March Rates by Nation

What we need to do now is convert these into inches by dividing the values by 2.54, giving us:

NationPrevious Centimetre DistanceRevised Inches distance
British15.53 cm6.11 inches
French14.38 cm5.66 inches
Prussian15.53 cm6.11 inches
Austrian 1805 Regs17.25 cm6.79 inches
Austrian 1807 Regs15.10 cm5.94 inches
Russian15.82 cm6.23 inches
Quick Step March Rates by Nation

These give us a distance of roughly 6 inches (apart from those Austrians) of movement per turn. However, this brings up an issue with our actions, 6 is not easily divisible by 5, only by 1,2 or 3 so that limits the number of actions we can take each turn.

But before we go further lets look at cavalry movement at well. Below is our original calculations for 10 minutes of movement for Cavalry.

GaitFull MovementPer Action
Walk22.01 cm4.40 cm
Trot40.88 cm8.18 cm
Gallop138.37 cm27.67 cm (limited to one action)
Cavalry Movement Speeds

Let’s convert that full movement into inches like we did with the infantry:

GaitFull Movement (cm)Full Movement (inches)
Walk22.01 cm8.66 inches
Trot40.88 cm16.09 inches
Cavalry Movement Speeds

You’ll note that I’ve placed N/A next to the Cavalry movement ranges for Gallop. I’m considering removing this pace as it covers too much ground for the cavalry and doesn’t allow Infantry time in which to react. The two paces would be changed to Ordinary and Quick, much like the Infantry.

In the case above we have the same problem where the figures aren’t easily divisible by 5, they can be divided into 4,2 or 1. So at the moment we can divide the infantry and cavalry rates easily by 2 or 1. Perhaps we should up the turn time to 15 minutes, what effect would that have on the distances?

NationPrevious Centimetre DistanceRevised Inches distance
British23.30 cm9.17 inches
French21.57 cm8.49 inches
Prussian23.30 cm9.17 inches
Austrian 1805 Regs25.88 cm10.18 inches
Austrian 1807 Regs22.65 cm8.92 inches
Russian23.73 cm9.34 inches
Quick Step March Rates by Nation over 15 minutes

Resulting in movement of 9″, only divisible by 1 or 3. As for cavalry:

GaitFull Movement (cm)Full Movement (inches)
Walk33.02 cm13 inches
Trot61.32 cm24.14 inches
Cavalry Movement Speeds

These distances are once again too long and would not allow infantry to react in time. So we’ll have to come up with some sort of compromise.

My first thoughts are for infantry to move 6 inches at a slow pace and 9″ at quick pace, these would be divisible by 3 resulting in 3 actions/reactions per turn. This does have the added benefit of reducing the number of actions that players carry out for each unit and thus speeding up the process.

I’d also change cavalry so that their slow pace is 6″ and their quick pace is 12″, once again all divisible by 3.

Another option is to change infantry movement to 5″ and quick pace to 10″, while Cavalry gets changed to 10″ and 15″ with the possibility of a charge move for light cavalry at 20″.

Musketry ranges would be slightly increased to allow shooting on reactions still to 2″ at effective and 4″ for long range.

Either way., I’d love to know all your opinions (especially those from North America!). I’ve included a poll below:


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