Light Infantry

I wanted to cover light infantry and their like briefly as I’ve already covered ‘true’ Skirmishers such as the rifles, Jaegers and Grenzers.

Light Infantry are slightly different, in that they could deploy companies in skirmish formation but their name light infantry was essentially in name only by the time the Napoleonic Wars started. Napoleonic Wargaming on YouTube has an excellent explanation of these troops on his video ‘Napoleonic skirmishing Light Infantry‘.

That being said I would like to give ‘light’ units a role in the game itself that encourages players to take them in matched play battles.

Therefore for each light infantry battalion on the players roster they will be allowed one marker for the deployment phase, a brief test of which is shown here. Units such as Grenzers, Jaegers, Legers etc will also contribute to the number of deployment markers a player can use in the deployment phase.

A few people have also commented that they feel uncertain about Light Cavalry skirmishing during a battle and I’m inclined to agree.

Therefore light cavalry will be unable to skirmish but they will also be able to contribute to the deployment markers at the beginning of the battle.

As always, I do love getting to hear peoples comments and suggestions, so please keep them coming and help me improve this game!

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