Having considered melee in detail now for a number of days, I know that I want it to be accurate but also fairly quick using our current mechanics without introducing any new attributes.

Melee will occur once units belonging to opposing forces meet in base to base contact.

To resolve a combat each base rolls it’s number of combat/firing dice with each score of 5+ classed as a ‘hit’.

The player with the most hits wins the combat and receives 1 damage point to their base (this represents men lost during the assault), the loser suffers D3 damage to their base, becomes broken and flees 10cm.

Melee was very rarely (if ever) conducted between infantry battalions in the open field. Therefore should an attacking unit make it into base to base contact with the enemy, the enemy will immediately become broken and flee 10cm while suffering D3 casualties. In this case no casualties are suffered by the victor.

This whole process should make the combat swift and simple.


When cavalry are involved in combat with infantry, any rolls of a 4+ on their dice represent hits, while the enemy will require 6+. This should represent the difficulty of fighting cavalry on foot and trying to disable a target that is travelling both faster an in a higher position than yourself.

Cavalry v Cavalry

Cavalry v cavalry attacks are carried out in the same fashion, but both units have to score 6’s to hit the enemy due to the both sides being able to move faster and requiring more skill to hit a man on horseback.

Square Formations

The horses of a cavalry unit would historically refuse to charge a wall of men with big shiny steel blades, therefore if an infantry unit is in square formation, cavalry will be unable to make base to base contact and should remain at least 1cm away from a base in this formation.

Street Fighting

Fighting over villages and towns could be extremely brutal close quarter fighting from building to building. Only infantry were suited to this with light infantry and Skirmishers even more so. Therefore, light infantry and skirmishing troops inside a village or town will need 4’s to hit their opponent instead of the usual 5’s.

Cavalry cannot take part in village or town fighting.

This may need further adjustments once it has been tested further but for now it feels suitable.

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