The Battle of Talavera – Allied Forces Replication

As a test for how many Brigades an army could place on the battlefield, I conducted a test where I’ve replicated the Order of Battle for the forces at the Battle of Talavera. This is for the British and Spanish forces only.

For the order of battle I’ve used Charles Oman’s figures given from his book A History of the Peninsular War Volume I. & A History of the Peninsular War Volume II.

The total forces you see below amount to 28,000 Spanish Infantry, 6,000 Spanish Cavalry and Spanish Artillery at 800 men and 36 guns, with the British at 20,700 British Infantry, 3,180 British Cavalry and British Artillery at 1,010 men and 30 guns.

A total force of roughly: 57,000 men

If we also add the French forces of 46,000 to this we come to a combined battle field total of 103,000 men.

The British and Spanish forces look fairly spaced but we also have to look at their historical deployment to see if this can be achieved.

Deployment map of Talavera

This may be achievable, but considering the depths of some of our units we may struggle a little. But we do have to remembers that some units were held in reserve further away from the main battle and so wouldn’t appear on our main area at first.

So the next task will be to replicate the French forces and see if both forces can be deployed on a table top in their historical locations.


Wikipedia – Battle of Talavera Order of Battle


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