Revision to Artillery

Following some testing over the weekend, I’ve decided that Artillery will be deployed on their own outside of any Brigades.

This has mainly been due that Artillery will often be remaining in one static position if deployed defensively, if deployed on offence where any artillery are attached to a Brigade, the artillery would often advance before it’s parent unit, deploy, and then fire while the Brigade catches up.

This would mean for the majority of a game, players would be detaching their artillery most of the time. For these reasons and to save time and for more historical sense, I’ve decided to split these away from Brigades.

Because of this any artillery bases are deployed on their own and always have a morale of 7.

As artillery were often firing from the outset of battle, I’ve also revised orders for these units. Each artillery unit deployed at the beginning of the game will have an objective to hold or attack as if it has already been given an order. Therefore these units are all active from the start and can have their representing dice added to the draw bag for each turn.


Any small donations to Clausewitz will enable this set of rules to become a reality.



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